What is Spiritual Emergency?

What IS Spiritual Emergency? 
Often the emergence of spirituality into our lives brings with it radical changes in the way we perceive, understand, and relate to the world and people around us.  It is not always easy for us to accept changes in the way we experience our reality, and it is even harder for our friends, family, and peers to accept these changes if they have not gone through a similar spiritual awakening.  The inability to accept and integrate these changes can thrust our self-concept and relationships into crisis.  The resistance to spiritual emergence often creates a spiritual emergency.
Where Can I Get Help and Support? 
  • Follow the links below, or do an internet search for Spiritual Emergency.
  • If you are in the Lubbock, TX area:
    • And would like to join a community of people who are accepting and understanding of spiritual emergence, then you are invited to come to a H.O.P.E. event and introduce yourself.  You can go to www.hopecommunity.us for a calendar of events. You can also join our private facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/lubbock.hope.community/
    • If you or a loved one are in the midst of crisis and need assistance, then please contact Elizabeth Sabet with H.O.P.E. and she will help you find resources both within the local Lubbock, Texas community or nationally.

Recommended Reading for Experiencers and Professionals:

You Might Be In Spiritual Emergence If You Are :

  • Feeling like you can’t relate to your friends and family anymore.
  • Yearning for more meaningful interactions.
  • Beginning to question the beliefs you were raised with.
  • Having Non-Ordinary Experiences
    • Meaningful Visions and Hallucinations
    • Telepathic Communication with other beings
    • Emptiness and Loss of Self in the experience.
    • Unitive and Mystical States of Consciousness
    • Near Death or Out of Body Experiences
    • Past Life Memories
    • Energy Moving Through Your Body


Psychosis vs. Spiritual Emergence