What is Spiritual Emergence

Spiritual Emergence occurs when people start seeking or experiencing themselves beyond their own personal, societal, or familial identity. Many things can precipitate a spiritual emergence experience. A few possibilities are a major life change, illness, near death experiences, a devotional religious or spiritual practice, drug induced experiences, or an out-of-body experience just to name a few. However, there are cases in which there was no apparent precipitating cause.

Emergence into new experiences of identity can be upsetting and disorienting as well as joyful, beautiful, calming, and nurturing experiences. Either way, they change the way a person interacts with the people and world around them. Support and education is key in helping people navigate the new world uncovered by their experiences and to integrate the new information many receive as a result of their experiences.

HOPE is here to help. Please return to this site periodically as we are in the process of creating new programs and will be introducing new services in 2016.

Mental Health Care/Guidance Professional Training and Support

As well as providing education and support for spiritual experiencers, HOPE provides training and support for:

Clinical Social Workers
Marriage and Family Therapists
Professional Counselors
Addiction Counselors
Pastoral Counselors
Spiritual Directors
Spiritual Life Coaches
Psychiatric Nurses
Psychological Assistants

In 2016, HOPE will be launching a Statewide Training Program CEUs for social workers and mental health professionals.

For more information, visit the Upcoming Events page and be sure to visit the website for updates beginning January.

Advisory Council

HOPE is in the process of creating an advisory council. Advisory council members will meet on a quarterly basis to advise the Board of Directors on policies and procedures for the various programs HOPE is in the process of developing.

If you are a Mental Health Care or Guidance Professional and are interested in volunteering as an advisory council member, please contact Elizabeth Sabet at elizabethj.sabet@gmail.com or call her at 806-928-7242.